Client Services

NetSuite professionals on your virtual team providing expert advice, solution fine-tuning, technical support, maintenance, and training

In-depth review of your business process and solution fit, to enhance producitivity, reduce errors, and optimize the value of your NetSuite investment

Technical assessment and inventory, identifying and resolving any bottlenecks in custom coding, business processes, system performance or application integrations

Leading edge leverage of NetSuite to achieve next level business tranformations through custom integrations, expert systems, and machine learning

In addition to superior solution design, Blu Banyan focuses on coaching, training and technical support as the most important elements to successful ERP implementation, and increased productivity and profitability.

A key measure of Blu Banyan implementations is that the client has truly mastered the skills necessary to support itself, and to begin applying the tools to achieve additional efficiencies in other areas of its business. For this reason, Blu Banyan trains to proficiency (the ability to resolve issues that arise, and extend solution functionality and application) rather than training to process (the ability to use the solution for a standard and simple set of functions).

Blu Banyan works with project staff to identify and develop specific metrics for the client that allow it to track its productivity gains across a range of activities, from reduction of data entry errors, to increased labor efficiency, to faster accounting closes at the end of a quarter. Whatever the particular priorities of each client, Blu Banyan works to establish both the organizational proficiency, as well as the metrics, that will enable the client to keep improving productivity and profitability after the implementation phase is over.

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